A Brief Guide To WordPress Website Maintenance Plan

Your website is an important part of your business. Some may be running their life cost with their website. The website is a plant which will give you fruit in your future and to make it mature you need to take care of it regularly. Also if you have a tree which is giving fruit I think you can understand the importance of the maintenance of that tree, which is more than a plant.

So in both cases website is a similar fact. If you are planning to earn money or expecting to get something from your website you have to take care of it and if you are already getting something from your website then maintenance is a way more important than new one.

So what about a WordPress website maintenance plan ? I mean WordPress is a great CMS, it should have all things already? Then why should I spend time on it?

These questions can come to your mind, which is totally OK to have.

Technology is going very very fast nowadays and WordPress itself has released its major update 4.9 recently. Now it is your turn to update yourself, your Website. You take care your plant to grow well, to cope up rough weather and to keep safe from bugs, same goes for WordPress websites. To cope up new updates, new technology, and the new user experience will keep your audience on your website. That’s how you earn money, the fruit isn’t it? So follow our given WordPress maintenance management plan, it won’t take much time or money I promise.

1. Update your WordPress files including themes and plugins

WordPress has a built-in automatic update system. You can say 1 click update. What you get actually with WordPress update?

  • Bug fixing
  • Security Issues
  • New features etc.

Click here to see WordPress 4.9 new features.

Always update your WordPress on time. Before updating WordPress I would recommend checking your themes and plugins have they have released a new version yet or not.

Cause when you update your WordPress, your theme may break and plugins also. So it will be a better idea to have backup and update.

After Version update, Continuously update your theme and plugins. Basically, premium themes and plugins and those are from WordPress repository release updates immediately after the WordPress version update.

So without worrying just update everything from WordPress update page.


Wordpress website maintenance plan

2. Take regular backup of your Website

Bugs are always around, whenever they will have the chance they will attack. Same goes for your website. There are always some people trying to spoil your site, you never know when they can ruin it. So it will be a cleverly step to take regular backup of your website. It can be weekly or 2 times in a month.


3. Change your passwords and spam comments

Changing password on a regular basis is a very important step. Generate a strong password and change it. We never know who is your enemy and if you are using the same password for a long time it is quite possible to leak.
Remove spam comments cause these are trying to spoil your SEO rank and phishing which is not good. You can use some plugins for this task. So many plugins are available just search on google.


4. Check your Google Analytics and Webmaster tool

That’s important. I know most of the guys are already doing it. SEO is a very important fact nowadays. You can only know your website is going good or not through these two tools.

Webmaster tool will tell you about your site’s crawl errors, security threats and more important things to fix. If you don’t check it regularly and fix the issues those have been raised by Google it is certain that you will lose your SEO rank dramatically.

Analytics shows impression, users, location etc. and many more things. You guys know better than me about this one. Regularly check up with your visitor statistics will give you an idea that you are going well or not.


5. Security Audit


One of the most Vital steps you need to maintain.
First of all, I am assuming that you have a security or protection setup on your website. If you are not then there’s no compromise on it, Just do it now.

Some great plugins are available, most of their important services are free and premium services are awesome.

Their names are WordFence, All In One WP Security & Firewall, BulletProof Security etc.

Every security plugins have security logs. Take a look at the log regularly. WordFence has scan service, scan the site when you log in every time. Also, there are many websites those are providing scanning service. If you find anything unwanted remove it immediately and take steps which shouldn’t come again.


6. Speed Optimization

Slow Speed is a silent killer which kills your visitors. Any unwanted facts or update can slow down your website. So speed audit is a must after doing some updates on the Website.

Use Gtmetrix, Google page speed tool or Pingdom tool to check your website’s speed. If it is running well as before then everything is good. If not these tools will show you the cause, fix it immediately. Most of the cases speed slows down for new images. So optimize them as much as you can.


7. Verify all of your forms

A form is an essential part of our websites. After an update or recent change in your website can cause confliction with your form plugins. Because of that, you can lose your sale and clients. No one will ever want to face this problem. Better you keep checking your forms and fix it.


8. Fix your dead links and 404 page

This is a part of the task of Webmaster tool. But very important and mentioning here separately. Dead links and 404-page errors will decrease your SEO rank. Some competitors nowadays using this method to spoil business and rank.

What you will do is a redirection. For all broken and dead links set a redirection to a specific page. Same goes for 404 if there are too many requests. It will save your SEO rank.


9. Delete your unwanted files

You may have some plugins and themes those are inactive and you don’t have the plan to use them in future. Just remove them from your website. You never know which plugin will cause you a security threat. Better stay safe.

More or less these are common tactics are enough to keep your website healthy. We have available experts for each of the maintenance task. We have a complete management plan and providing services for hundreds of websites successfully within a very cheap and reasonable price. Use our chat service for an instant reply.

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