How to Migrate WP Website Manually Step by Step

WordPress website moving or migration is a very common task for website owner or developer especially for the beginners. when a beginner starts learning to build up WordPress website, he can start it in local server in his own computer.
The question is why do you need to migrate or move wp website?
Possible answers are as follows –
a) You have built a website in testing server or subdomain and now you want to move or migrate to the main domain or live server.
b) You have tested some functionalities of theme or plugins in the subdomain or local server that are working and now you want to move it to a live server or main domain.

Working with the live server or localhost is not a big fact because the things of the local server and live server is almost same.
How to migrate WP website?
Possible ways are:

1) Use plugins like All in one WP migrator or WordPress Duplicator to migrate or move wp site
Wp migrate- duplicator

2) WordPress website Manually migration

There are some good plugins available to do this task easily. These are WP migrator, Duplicator, All in one migrator etc. But  each plugin has some limitations. In Duplicator when installing the website on a live server in many times, it can’t able to connect the database server. And there is no way without manual migrator. There is another popular wp migrator but it has also some problem. Many people face this plugin’s import problem. It can be configuration mismatch of the server but if you want to solve this problem you need a big amount of time and for the beginner, it will be very boring and painful. Many times the migration plugins do not work properly for different issues. So what is the permanent solution to move or migrate WordPress website for most easy and hassle-free way?
Yes. This is Manually migration or moving.
By the way, manually migration is very easy. Just follow the steps it will be the easiest way to move or migrate WordPress website to one server to another server.

Step 1: Download and make a zip of original website’s all files and folders.

Migrate WP Website Manually

Step 2: Upload the zip file via FTP or direct Cpanel and unzip it.

Step 3: Now browse PHPMyAdmin (if you are in localhost then type “localhost/phpmyadmin” in browser’s address bar) in your test server or local server. Find your site database and export it by clicking the export button. The database will download as “databasename.sql” format.


wp migration db export


Step 4: Now login Cpanel in main server where you want to move or migrate wp website and browse “mysql” as like below.

wordrpess migration or move-MySQL

And make a new database by clicking new database option.

Step 5: If you want to new user for this database then you can create a new database user like below.


But if you have already and you can just use it as a new database user. If you want to create new user then It will give three option.
1) Username
2) password
3) Password (again)

wp migrate create new database user

Save all the credentials. It’s very important. It will be needed.
Now set the username with the new database which you have just created.

Step 6: Now open you exported yourdatabase.sql file with notpad++ or any IDE and replace the base URL with the main domain URL like below.

wp migrate-findandreplace url

Step 7: Now go to phpmyadmin and select the database (which you have just created). click “import” option and select SQL file which you have exported before.

Step 8: After import the SQL file you will see many tables in your database. click a table is named wp_options.
Here change two things

1) Check “siteurl” is already changed to your new domain URL.
2) Check the “home”is already changed to your new domain URL.

Step 9: Now go to your cpanel->filemanager and find wp_config.php file and open it to edit and set following credentials as your main domain.

wp migrate wp_config url replace

1) define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘wptest1’);
Here give the database name which you have created.
2) define(‘DB_USER’, ‘root’);
Here give the database user which you have created or already had.
3) define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ”);
Here give the password which had or you created.

step 10) Edit .htaccess file. In .htaccess file edit the RewriteBase. If there is a /subfolder name just delete the subfolder name and give here / (slash).

Save it. We are done.

Go to the browser and browse your new site. It will be same like before in new server or live server.
I think it is easy to understand if you follow the steps correctly. If you face any problem or complexity please contact us. We have 24/7 support system to help you.

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