All in one wp migration import stuck or not importing ? Solution is here.

All in one wp migration is a very popular plugin to migrate your WordPress website from one domain to another domain. It has over 1 million + active installs. It clearly says how much popular is the plugin.

So basically we are gonna discuss the problems we may face using this plugin and we will try to give you some solution.

How is this plugin work, let’s see first.

First, install the plugin and activate it. You will see only three option, Export, Import, and Backups.

With the Export option, this plugin makes a backup of your website as .wpress extension file. This type of file only can be restored by All in one wp migration plugin.

You can download the .wpress file when it export option generates it and imports the file to your another fresh installed WordPress website where you need to migrate.

This simple as this process with All in one migration plugin.

But sometimes plugin import doesn’t work for few causes. The causes are

1. If you are running out of your disk space in hosting server.
2. If your server’s I/O processing limit is over at the time of importing or
3. Over RAM use.

When you are gonna use a shared hosting there we always have a limitation of Disk space, RAM, and I/O processing.

Now how to find these problems and solve?

Ok if you see your import process is stuck then please login to your Cpanel and check if your disk space is over or not. If over try to increase it by deleting some files or simply buy more space.

Now if you are sure that you have enough disk space but still not being able to import your .wpress file? Then just follow our below steps.

1. We are gonna manually upload our backup and then we will restore the site.

We need to login to Cpanel of the website or at least need FTP to upload the .wpress backup file which we have exported.

Now we need to go inside the wp-content folder
if your site has All in one wp migration plugin installed we will see a folder called “ai1wm-backups”



In this folder, we are gonna upload our .wpress backup file and if we have a success we are actually done with importing.



2. Next step is restoring. How to do so? Let’s see.

Now we need to login to our new WordPress Website’s Dashboard and

Click on Backups link from All in one wp migration


You will see your backup file is uploaded and visible here. Beside your backup file name, you will see three options.
Download, Restore and Delete


All in one wp migration import stuck


Just hit the restore and wait. Within few seconds your site should be restored. That’s it.

Now if you face any problem restoring your website or you need help to migrate your website, just use our support form we are available 24/7 for support service.

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