New and Amazing Features in WordPress 4.9 you will love

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If you are WordPress lover or have a plan to make your wonderful website with WordPress to enhance your business then there is a good news for you that WordPress 4.9 is released with some cool and amazing features. In this short description, we will discuss the main features of new update WordPress 4.9. So let’s start to know new amazing features of WordPress 4.9.

  1. New and amazing Gallery widget

In the previous WordPress, there was no default photo gallery widget but as WordPress 4.9 new features there is a nice and amazing photo gallery widget. We can use it in any widget area. Including an image in this photo gallery is very easy and fun. It’s simple, smart and amazing feature you must love it.

Fig: Gallery widget

Features in WordPress 4.9

Fig: Gallery widget

There are some simple and smart features in the photo gallery like arrange by order or reverse order.

  1. Text widget feature

I think it is very big and amazing feature. In text widget, some time needs to use an image or media. There was only one way to use media is hard HTML code which is really time-consuming and sometimes very boring. But as the update in WordPress 4.9 media button is inserted to load any media without hard code. We can also embed video, audio and of course image.

Figure: Text widget update with media

Text editor also significantly improved. For any styling in the text widget, html hard code was only one way. But now some visual formatting options are also available like post or page editor. Like bold, italic, numbering and anchor or link option.

Figure: Text widget update with text formatting

  1. Amazing customizer save, publish and scheduling feature

In previous WordPress customization, there was only one save and publish option. But in WordPress 4.9 there are extended features like save, draft and scheduling.We can publish the customization or changes, we can also draft if we want to save it but not to publish now. It is also a very nice feature. Because it can happen that we might need to save the change which I don’t publish now. So it will help us enough to make great WordPress website.

Figure: Publish and Save Draft customization

The most amazing feature is schedule option. It is really the very useful feature to change our website occasionally or in the specific time. We can change and we can publish at the specific time. It is a very exciting feature.

Figure: customization scheduling publish the change

4.No data lost when changing theme

When change theme the widget and menu lost was the common issue in WordPress. But in WordPress 4.9 it is no more issue. In update version, WordPress will take care of everything. WordPress will now do best maintain the menu located in the menu section. There will be the top and main menu item will be default menu item will be stay always if we change theme the main and top menu location and menu will be there. So there is no hassle in the menu item in new WordPress 4.9.

The sidebar and widget also improve to solve the data loss problem.

5.Error Handling in Custom CSS, Modern error highlighted code

In previous WordPress, the custom CSS editor was only the plain text editor. There was no error highlight or manageable code style. But in WordPress 4.9 there is a smart and modern code editor is used which can highlight and show the error of the code.

Figure: Custom CSS code Editor

This editor also used in the default editor in WordPress 4.9 update. The default editor was plain text and there was not any way to highlight the error or manage the code. But in WordPress 4.9 the default editor is smart and cool.

Figure: default editor is smart

6.Developers option also improved

For the developer there are some features like customizer JS API improvements, MediaElement.js is updated to 4.2.6. REST API is also updates for the objects as well as new roles and extended capabilities.

There some other small features in updated WordPress 4.9. We can feel more relax and easy to use new updated WordPress’s new amazing features. So who wants to start build website with WordPress updated WordPress 4.9 can be cool and amazing choice for you. What do you think let us know.


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