Build an App With FastAPI for Python

[ad_1] FastAPI is a speedy and lightweight web framework for building modern application programming interfaces using Python 3.6 and above. In this tutorial, we’ll walk through the basics of building an app with FastAPI, and you’ll get an inkling of why it was nominated as one of the best open-source frameworks of 2021. Once you’re … Read more

The Best Firebase Alternatives (7 Options)

[ad_1] Firebase is often the first platform that comes to mind for developing mobile and web applications without extensive coding. However, while it offers many useful features, Firebase isn’t open source. This means that you have little control over your application development. Fortunately, there are excellent Firebase alternatives that offer more customization and control. For instance, … Read more

A New Era Has Begun: Kinsta Is the Cloud Platform for the Modern Developer

[ad_1] With its growing market share, WordPress has been — and continues to be — the most popular CMS to create, manage, and develop websites. Still, WordPress represents just a fraction of development done on the web. What about all the developers who aren’t using WordPress? They also create, run, and manage web applications for … Read more

How To Create a MongoDB Database: 6 Critical Aspects To Know

[ad_1] Based on your requirements for your software, you might prioritize flexibility, scalability, performance, or speed. Hence, developers and businesses are often confused while picking a database for their needs. If you need a database that provides high flexibility and scalability, and data aggregation for customer analytics, MongoDB may be the right fit for you! … Read more