Best Free WP Contact Form Plugins

Contact forms are an essential part of a website. How much essential? I believe I don’t need to give a clue to it. From generating leads to sale and customer support to Inquiry whereas you don’t need it? I think we got the point.

Now as it is very important for every website owner, its also important to decide which plugin or contact form we need to use. Plenty of contact form plugins are available for free. There are some exclusive premium plugins are also available. About premium plugins, we will have another blog post. Here we only will discuss the free version of the plugins. We have sorted them out depending on their User-friendly quality, Extension & features, how much it works on all type of servers etc. So let’s check the list of the best free WP contact form plugins.

1. Contact Form by WPForms

WPForms is getting popular day by day. It has already established a good reputation. Why ? let’s see few reasons.

* They provide drag and drop features, almost with every basic field of a form.
* User-friendly, anyone can set up a form without knowing the coding.
* Interface of the contact form almost applicable to all kind of themes.
* Send emails with a template, and other settings of an email doesn’t need to worry about, almost set everything within the free version.
* Entries option available with pro version.

Lots of features with pro version and some free addons like SMTP setup etc are available. Support is good and has a good rating too. You should try it.

2. Contact Form 7

The Old and Top popular WordPress contact form plugin for all the time. This plugin is widely used and has the maximum amount of install.

* One of the oldest plugin and most popular plugin of all time.
* It doesn’t have drag and drops field option but it provides shortcode for all types of fields.
* So many free addon and extensions are available for free
* It is especially favorable for website developers, it can be used to make any kind of custom designed contact form to match the theme of website’s design.
* It has the custom template setting features for emails. But only if you know coding or you are a WordPress developer.
* It doesn’t support saved entry feature.

All time hit plugin. Works with any theme and widely used plugin.


3. weForms – Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

It is a new plugin from weDevs and becoming one of the top popular contact form plugins. It has premium or pro version but most of the features with a contact form those are required for kind of websites are free.

* It has drag and drops features with most required fields for any kind of basic form.
* It has saved entries features. so you don’t need to check your emails from your email websites or app. You can directly check each submission from your website. So you don’t need to worry about any missing emails.
* Nice email template and very much suitable for any type of themes.
* Real-time Live Preview, Export/import forms, Mobile-Responsive, Email submission data, Customize emails, HTML email template, Anti-spam & reCaptcha, Slack Integrations and many more.


Having issues receiving emails from your website ? or having trouble setting up a contact form on your website ? We have support services through live chat. Feel free to contact.

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