Why should you do regular checkups and maintenance of your WordPress Website.

Hello Everyone, We have had an article discussing the WordPress maintenance rules or steps. But in this post, we are gonna see why should we do the regular maintenance and what things we should really focus on doing maintenance of a WordPress Website.

First of all, why should we do the maintenance of our WordPress Website?
Most of the people are not aware of the requirements of the maintenance. They always think that we have bought services from a hosting company and we developed our site with a Good Developer and most importantly we have used. So why maintenance?

I hope you guys are using Android or iPhone which takes constantly updates very often. Have you wondered why so? Yes, they fix bugs, they add new security supports etc. Like a phone WordPress itself, and the plugins or themes you are using they need to be updated too. Why ? same reason, WordPress sending new facilities to its new versions.

Ok, you might think that you only need to do maintenance of the WordPress sites because of updates? And you want to skip this post cause you set it automatically update already? Then I will think your site is not very important to you If it is important to please read the whole article. Here’s I have discussed only one issue which is WordPress update.

Recently one of my client’s site got hacked. He had everything set he could. He set automatically update, installed security plugins etc but he got hacked. At Google, he saw his sites having a couple of pages listed with Viagra pill ads. OMG!

Then he called me and asked for a help. I responded and scan the site. Got several files injected with codes and malware. Now I asked him when the last time you logged into your WordPress site? He said not in few months.

I found that two of his plugins are abandoned from WordPress.Org repository cause those plugins had a security hole which wasn’t fixed and updated by the creator of that plugin.

Now if you did routine check there should be a possible chance to see this issue and changed or removed from the site.

Another client calls me and said my site suddenly going down in google ranking, he has everything set up for security but still, there are so many crawl errors showing on his google webmaster tool. Now if google sees so many hits only on your non-existing pages, means on 404 page surely it will affect your site ranking.

So why so many 404 hits and what to do with it? When you have everything set for your site with security and you are at the top of the market, has a very good Google Search rank, then surely you will be having a good amount of sales and certainly good amount of enemies. lol, that’s true.

So when your enemies couldn’t hack your site to replace your contents they will just do something to decrease your rank from google. Nice trick right?

Ok, we can simply fix this 404 errors. Just redirect all 404 to the home page and remove all the fake URLs which are listed on Google as 404 links. Ok, there certainly could be many issues along with this one but after checking those issues this is the main task.

Another common problem for all WordPress site owners those don’t check their sites regularly is contact form email. You can suddenly discover that your contact form not sending emails to you. You can miss some sales for this bug. But regular maintenance can surely save some of your sales.

I believe these causes will be enough to make you understand why you should do regular maintenance of your WordPress Website.

I can write down hundreds of reasons why you should do regular maintenance of your WordPress site. If you don’t have time you can buy our service for a month starting from $45. Taking backup to secure your site all the hassles will be ours. You will just focus on business.

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