Top 5 Best Selling WordPress themes of 2017

Everyone who needs a website to be developed in WordPress is always looking for the bestseller themes. Because Best Seller themes give anyone confidence that these themes are Modern or up to date with current features and updates. They are user-friendly to make your choices live on your website.

Nowadays a lot of new themes are getting approval to release at ThemeForest marketplace. Which is the top theme’s marketplace as we all know. But not all of them are getting WordPress theme users attention. From the analysis, we can see that still now the famous themes those were started their journey a few years back are having the bestseller titles. Let’s have a short tour of them, The top 5 bestseller WordPress themes from 2017. 


The Number 5:  X | The Theme

This theme having a big sale in 2017. They crossed the total sale 167K + which is huge. Why are they made this amount of sales in 2017? Let’s find out.

  1. They are having 4.75 rating out of 5. This rating is generated from 6k+ users. Which is huge and it clearly says they are good at customer support and they satisfied their users.
  2. They have their popular page builder Cornerstone. It has very advance line up and new controls with exciting elements
  3. New extensions are being added continuously to the theme.
  4. Lots of excellent demos.


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The Number 4: Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Every week Enfold theme is making 500 sales. When this post was being written it crossed its 140k+ sale. it gives the 4th position at Envato marketplace. Let’s see what it has so far.

  1. Enfold has 4.85 rating from 8k+ users. I see this theme is made to satisfy the clients. Their motto is Best rated Top seller theme.
  2. It has their own unique page builder with 25 + Elements to make your imagination comes true to your website.
  3. Tested with so many popular plugins like WPML, Gravity forms, WP Supercache etc and lots of features.
  4. It has made so many sales because of their support and documentation. They have video tutorials, well-documented documentation, and excellent support.


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The Number 3: BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

This theme has only 85k + sales but how come it becomes top 3 themes of 2017? Ok, most of its sales made this year. Average 800+ sales every week of 2017. So it comes to the light of top 5. Let’s see what it has.

  1. It has 4.80 rating from 4k+ users. Which quite impressive.
  2. A nice Website installer with the demo which makes the task more easier and it has the most popular page builder plugin Visual Composer.
  3. 280+ ready websites with only 1 click installation. Isn’t it amazing for non-developers?
  4. 200+ shortcodes with lots of features and support. I love their demos. They are great.


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The Number 2: The7 — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

It has only 85k+ sales but has around 1k sale per week. How it become the number 2 of 2017? The answer is simple. They set the product price only $39 with lifetime support and 6 premium plugins. Let’s point out the other things.

  1. It has professional support with 4.77 rating from 5k users.
  2. Automated installation service with premade 31 websites.
  3. Visual Composer page builder and 750+ theme options.
  4. Many Many and Many features, supports, and websites with only $39. So won’t buy it for the lifetime?


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The Number 1: Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Top 5 Best Selling WordPress themes of 2017

I call it the mighty theme. No. 1 Selling theme of all time. Total sale is 370k+. For last 5 years, it ruled the theme market. Do you know what it is called by Envato CEO? He called it Swiss Army Knife of WordPress Themes. Cause it does everything. Let’s see what this mighty theme has.

  1. First of all from my opinion, cause I have used this one for more than hundreds site. It is really a multipurpose theme. I have used it for every platform I have asked for. From 19K users, it has 4.77 rating which is very tough to get.
  2. Avada has its own page builder which is very light and easy to use. Theme options are available from header to footer, every part you can customize with your own color and style.
  3. Very very light. With other themes as an Expert, I have faced script loading issues, that makes the site slow which you won’t find with Avada. Very light and anyone can decrease the load time within 3 seconds.
  4.  200+ pre-made websites with nice demo installer.

What doesn’t it have a theme should have? From clean code to Customer support. From Multilanguage to Woocommerce Support. Easily updateable, Nice and clean features. Several Premium Plugins and much more.


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That’s it, we have got our top 5 themes from 2017 and I have you enjoyed it. I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions. We have a contact  form for any of your query, you can send us your email also. Thanks !


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